I don’t think many people will read this, but I’m not going to go to social media on this. The truth is, I’m keeping this blog for me, and if anyone else sees it, they see it.  I used to love writing; often creating short stories, poems, and keeping journals until the past couple of years. I guess I got sick of it, since it was all I did for the last five years at school, and now all I do is write boring, technical things.  It’s turning me into a boring person, which I really don’t want to have happen.

I am an archaeological field technician, with a Bachelors in Archaeology and a Masters in Medieval Archaeology (really more early modern period, but that’s a bit fussy for me). My Bachelors comes from a school in Wisconsin and my Masters comes from the U.K.  I graduated in January and I consider myself to be quite lucky to have employment in my field (temporary, though it may be).

My name, McClintoch, is based on one of my favorite characters, Lara McClintoch, in a series of ‘Archaeological Mysteries’ by Lyn Hamiliton, a Canadian author who died a few years back from cancer.  Her books inspired me to take risks and go to new places (like living a year in the U.K., where they have maybe two brands of peanut butter and no fried cheese curds). Anyway, I’m going to avoid giving out my real identity, but you can probably find out because this is on the internet and it is 2015.

I am in serious financial debt. Unlike many people who go abroad to study, I really don’t come from any kind of money.  If it weren’t for a scholarship which paid for half of it, I wouldn’t even have gone.  This is important to establish, because I think many people assume that I have my life together because I got a Masters.  No, I got a Masters in hopes my life would then be in closer to the ‘together’ status.  It’s not, but I do make about a dollar an hour more, so there’s that.

Finally, and this is an important thing for me to put out there: Once Upon a Time should have ended after one season. It’s the most annoying show I’ve ever seen ; how is Cruella De Vil existing in a universe based on medieval-based fantasy stories, isn’t ‘101 Dalmatians’ based in 1930s London? Why does my sister like it so much, she’s studying engineering, for fucks sake.


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